How to unlock seagate hard drive on mac


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Now we again came with the same theory, just not using the term aether.

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Sometimes it does no look like science is moving forwards anymore. Makes it a royal PITA in some ways when trying to recover a bad board, but great in other ways….

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch

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About file system formats

I wish I was kidding. Not one of those launch code hacking, rogue AIs in the movies ever tried Windows cannot read or write to hard drives formatted as Mac OS extended Journaled. While it is highly recommended that users purchase the model targeted for their computer operating systems, there are drivers for Windows and Mac that can provide compatibility with any Backup Plus Hub.

To use your Backup Plus Hub with computers that have another operating system, download and install the Paragon driver. How to choose the file system format.

Use NTFS if:. Install the Paragon driver for Mac for compatibility with Macs. You can use exFAT if:.

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However, Seagate recommends installing the Paragon driver when sharing hard drives between operating systems. Use FAT32 if:.