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  1. Toggle absolute and relative references
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The Command Y function is not quite the same as redo which the above process outlines how to assign F4 to Redo. I often use the F4 key Repeat Command in the Windows version to quickly delete rows and columns. I wrote a new post showing how to put the the Repeat command icon on the toolbar, which works even better.

Toggle absolute and relative references

What about F2 for editing the contents of a cell? Is there any way to make that happen? I normally do not comment on sites too often extremely busy but I had to here. I am in the process of setting up some excel sheets for a client of mine that includes hundreds and hundreds of rows of information and changing this has saved me loads of time adding in hundreds of new information!

Thank you again so much! Are you familiar with named cells?

IMO I use them more than dealing with absolutes. Hope that makes sense, and if you already knew that I'll go screw. You can also name ranges.

Fixing reference to a cell in a formula in Excel

It's one of those tips that I wish I'd learned 10 years ago. We are the Borg. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.

Your culture will adapt to service ours. To add to that, there's even an option in Excel that will name cells based on a label in adjacent cells great when working with complex formulas in Physics class.

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I've not used named cells before.