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  1. Everything Mac Miller Has Said About Drug Abuse, Depression and Death | Entertainment Tonight
  2. Miller died on Friday from a reported overdose.
  4. Charlie Puth ‘tried to help Mac Miller get clean’ before the rapper died aged 26

At the same time, however, "S. We don't actually exist as people to anybody, we exist [through] the ideas that we give to the world. Listen to "S. Miller was deeply affected by the death of his friend Reuben Eli Mitrani, whose initials are capitalized in the title of "REMember. Mitrani passed away in and Miller spends this dark, insular song reflecting on the concepts of youth, mortality, legacy, and loss.

Everything Mac Miller Has Said About Drug Abuse, Depression and Death | Entertainment Tonight

Although Miller suggests throughout the song that he will mourn his friend for the rest of his own life, he still ends on a resilient note — promising that "when the whole world is looking hopeless," he'll "still hold s down" and make Mitrani proud. Listen to "REMember" here. Even on what is ostensibly a brag track, meant to assert his talent as a rapper, Miller is open and eloquent about his existentialism. In one moment, Miller brags that his competing rappers are just "diet soda.

Listen to "Diablo" here. The song is a banger at heart, but creates tension that reflects Miller's mid-career struggle: to reconcile his "frat rap" party-boy persona and his awareness of his toxic, self-destructive behavior. It's the duality of man ," Miller told GQ, reflecting on the album, in Listen to "Weekend feat. Miguel " here. Throughout the seven-minute, two-part confessional, Miller confronts his loved ones — his brother, his girl, his parents, his God, his own conscience, and his demons.

He makes excuses and apologizes. He sympathizes with his mistakes and resolves not to repeat them. Miller's fourth studio album, "The Divine Feminine," saw the rapper go in a completely different artistic direction. Miller had recently confirmed his romance with Ariana Grande , whose vocals appear elsewhere on the album. Many fans interpreted "The Divine Feminine" as an expression of their relationship — and while Grande has stated that only one song, "Cinderella," was directly inspired by her , Miller's belief in true, transcendent love can be felt radiating at the core of each song.

The rapper opened up to Billboard shortly before the album's release and said that he had, indeed, found a soul mate. I also wholeheartedly believe in the idea of love," he said. Listen to "Soulmate" here.

The central metaphor encapsulates the defining aspect of Miller's career: his knack for evolution and constant desire to improve. Listen to "Ladders" here.

As Paul Thompson wrote for Rolling Stone, this particularly wrenching song captures how adept Miller had become at communicating his own small, personal, daily tragedy — what Thompson describes as, "that vacuum at the center of adult life, and with the realization that no amount of money, adoration, or professional success is guaranteed to fill it.

Fans have gone back and forth about whether "" reminisces about Miller's life pre-fame he released his first two mixtapes under the name of Mac Miller in or whether it reflects on his naive, experimental drug use, before growing to understand what addiction can do. Rapping about how "a drug habit like Philip Hoffman will probably put me in a coffin," the rapper mentioned his use of cocaine, codeine cough syrup and angel dust.

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In an August interview with Billboard , Miller admitted that Faces was "super depressing. I was too worried about the legacy that I would leave behind -- how I would be remembered if I died," he confessed.

Miller died on Friday from a reported overdose.

Miller said he was worried about dying, because he was "doing a lot of drugs" -- which he had tried to keep more under control. That was the plan with Faces' [closing song]. The rapper said at the time that he was "way healthier," but not sober.

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He still smoked cigarettes, but said his drug use was "way better" than it was. But once you just breathe and relax, you come to terms with it. Go out there and do it, stop hiding,' because that was me before," he shared. I can look in the mirror and be like, 'I look OK. One month later, Miller told Larry King that his depression and drug use were intertwined.


It wasn't just in music, but I definitely was going through a drug problem and I think it was more my state of mind. I was just pretty depressed," he said. You have money. Fame is tricky because you read what's said about you, and you know what you know to be true, and the lines start to blur. In a February documentary for Fader , Miller again discussed overdosing -- but admitted that he "hates being sober.

Overdosing is just not cool," he said. You just die.

Charlie Puth ‘tried to help Mac Miller get clean’ before the rapper died aged 26

Things seemed to be going pretty well for Miller, until his breakup with Ariana Grande. Just weeks after the couple went public with their split, he was arrested on a charge of DUI, after driving his car into a power pole in the San Fernando Valley. He and his two passengers fled the scene on foot, and he was arrested at his home an hour later.

No version of the story that didn't end up with me being fine," he explained.