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It finds files faster than Finder and intuitively predicts what are you after. To open Spotlight right on the spot sorry for the pun , use this magic combo. To launch Spotlight search: A truly psychedelic key combination. This shortcut inverts all the colors on your Mac's screen to their opposites. Try it, and your world will never be the same. On the flip side, you can find a few practical applications for this command, for example, to adjust your screen to different lighting. This one can be a real savior if you accidentally closed an important tab in a browser, like that pancake recipe or payment confirmation.

To restore a closed tab: No, the following Mac shortcut is not about the force shutdown. Learn this one, quickly finish your work and finally go outside. Among all Mac keyboard commands, this is the easiest. To launch Siri: Well, not exactly a shortcut, but indeed the quickest way to get more storage on your Mac. This combination of actions will free up dozens of gigabytes of space taken by garbage: Try and see how it cleans your Mac.

CleanMyMac is available for a free download here.

Shortcuts for Microsoft Word (MacOS)

Finder is quite a resource-demanding tool. When you open a new Finder window it usually takes some time.

For quicker access to your main destinations like Applications or Desktop, you can use the following shortcut combinations. To quickly access Finder folders: Having hundreds of opened tabs in a browser has become a widespread syndrome nowadays. Closing tabs with a mouse is not only frustrating but also may freeze up your browser.

Using a direct shortcut makes this job easy as a morning walk. To close a current tab in Chrome: Before you can use these keyboard shortcuts, you need to ensure keyboard shortcuts are enabled for the language you are using:. On the Input Sources tab, select the language for which you want to enable shortcuts. On the right side of the tab, select the check box for Enable keyboard shortcuts. Word for Mac uses the function keys for common commands, including Copy and Paste. For quick access to these shortcuts, you can change your Apple system preferences so you don't have to press the Fn key every time you use a function key shortcut.

Changing system function key preferences affects how the function keys work for your Mac, not just Word. After changing this setting, you can still perform the special features printed on a function key. Just press the Fn key. On the Keyboard tab, select the check box for Use all F1, F2, etc.

This keyboard shortcut conflicts with a default Mission Control key for Show Desktop. To use this Office keyboard shortcut, you must first change the Show Desktop shortcut for this key. Under Keyboard and Mouse , choose another shortcut for Show Desktop , or choose — minus sign to turn it off. You can quickly perform tasks by using keyboard shortcuts — one or more keys that you press on the keyboard to complete a task. Keyboard shortcut descriptions refer to the U. Keys on other keyboard layouts might not correspond to the keys on a U. Keyboard shortcuts for laptop computers might also differ.

The settings in some versions of the Macintosh operating system and some utility applications might conflict with keyboard shortcuts and function key operations in Office. For information about changing the key assignment of a keyboard shortcut, see Mac Help for your version of the Macintosh operating system or see your utility application. The following list includes keyboard shortcuts for only the most common tasks. To list all Word commands and keyboard shortcuts, on the Tools menu, point to Macro , and then click Macros.

On the Macros in pop-up menu, click Word commands , and then in the Macro name box, type ListCommands , click Run , and then select the options that you want. Function keys. Moving the cursor.

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Selecting text and graphics. Selecting text and graphics in a table. Extending a selection. Editing text and graphics. Aligning and formatting paragraphs. Setting line spacing. Formatting characters. Inserting special characters. Inserting fields. Working with fields. Document outline.

The ultimate list of Mac keyboard shortcuts

Reviewing documents. Printing documents. Moving around in a table. Resizing table columns using a ruler. Resizing table columns directly in a table.

Frequently used shortcuts

Inserting paragraphs and tab characters in a table. Data merge. Footnotes and endnotes. If you are using a MacBook, to use a function key, you must press the fn key the lower left key on the keyboard at the same time. This keyboard shortcut conflicts with a default Mac OS X key assignment.

To use this Office keyboard shortcut, you must first turn off the Mac OS X keyboard shortcut for this key. On the Apple menu, click System Preferences. Under Hardware , click Keyboard.

More Information

Click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, and then clear the On check box for the key assignment that you want to turn off. Under Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts , on the pop-up menu for the shortcut that you want to turn off, click —. If you know the key combination to move the cursor, you can generally select the text by using the same key combination while holding down SHIFT.

Continue to press F8 to expand the selection to the entire word, sentence, paragraph, section, and so on. Change the formatting of characters Font command, Format menu. Press the shortcut keys, and then drag a marker on the ruler. Learn how to navigate Word using accessible features.

Create a custom keyboard shortcut for Office for Mac

Basic tasks using a screen reader with Word. Microsoft wants to provide the best possible experience for all our customers. If you have a disability or questions related to accessibility, please contact the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk for technical assistance. The Disability Answer Desk support team is trained in using many popular assistive technologies and can offer assistance in English, Spanish, French, and American Sign Language. Productivity Mac. In the end, you will get the job done faster. Unlock the " Essential Microsoft Office Shortcuts " cheat sheet now!

Here are several application-specific shortcuts for the most common actions within each of the five applications.