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Once the controller has been plugged in, we can run sixpair by running the command below. Sixpair will re-configure the controller so that it will talk with out Bluetooth device. Now at this point, you are required to unplug the PS3 controller from the Raspberry Pi, now the changes have been made we should no longer need to plug your controller in by USB unless your Bluetooth adapter changes.

You now have two options, these being compiling and installing sixad to handle the connection between the PS3 controller or just using the bluetoothctl tool to make a connection to the PS3 Controller. Personally, we recommend you try using Bluetooth as it is the most compatible with other Bluetooth devices. Continue to the next section for how to pair your PS3 controller by using Bluetooth.

To do this, we need to first start up the Bluetooth configuration tool by running the following command on the Raspberry Pi.

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Now that we have launched up the Bluetooth configuration tool, we need to switch the agent on and set it to utilize the default-agent. Just type in the following two commands to do this. Once we have enabled the agent we now want to actually scan for new Bluetooth devices, running the following command will tell the tool to start scanning. You will notice immediately that any Bluetooth device in the area will start showing up in your command line.

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Ignore these for now as we only want to pay attention to the PS3 controller itself. Now is the time to press down the PlayStation button on the controller, so it begins to talk to the Raspberry Pi. You should soon start to see entries appear in the command line. Once you see something like the following appear, make sure you copy down the MAC address that is displayed. With the MAC address handy you want to use that in the next command. With this following command, we are trying to get a successful connection and a UUID returned by the device.

Please note you may have to run this command a few times before it is successful. Please keep an eye on your PlayStation 3 controller, if it stops trying to connect then make sure you press the PS button again. You will know a successful connection has been made when you see the text as we have shown below appears on the command line.

With the UUIDs available we can proceed to the next step. Now that you have the MAC address we need to add this to our Bluetooth trusted list. What this does is allow the controller to connect to the Raspberry Pi on its own. To do this, we need to just type in the following command to our Raspberry Pi. Once your PS3 controller has been successfully added to the trusted list, you should see something like below appear on the command line.

Need help with new iMac and ps3 game controller

With your PS3 controller now successfully connected to your Raspberry Pi, we can now quit out of the Bluetooth configuration tool. Now you can restart the Raspberry Pi. We do this so we can test to make sure everything is working as intended. Run the following command to reboot the Raspberry Pi.

With the Raspberry Pi now restarted, press the PS button on your controller to test the connection between it and the Raspberry Pi. The essential packages here are libusb-dev and libbluetooth-dev as they contain the code that we need to compile the sixad software. Libusb-dev contains code that allows us to interact with USB devices that are plugged into the computer through code. With the repository now cloned to our Raspberry Pi, we can now move onto actually compiling it.

How to Play Any OS X Video Game with a PlayStation 3 Controller

The first command moves us into the folder, the second line runs the makefile and compiles the program. Now with the sixad software now compiled there are a couple more things to be done before we can use it. Finally lets run the checkinstall package that we installed in step 1 of this section. At specific points, you will be asked a few things, ignore these and just press Enter to continue until the installation is complete.

How to connect your ps3 controller to mac

Now that we have finished installing sixad we can finally run it by typing the following command in on our Raspberry Pi. If everything is working as intended, you will now be asked to press the PS button on your controller. Do this now to connect your controller to your Raspberry Pi. Now that we know that sixad is up and running we want to make sure that it starts at boot so we can always connect our PS 3 controller. To do this, we can run the following command to add sixad to the boot sequence of the Raspberry Pi.

There are a few different ways you can utilize your PlayStation 4 controller with your Raspberry Pi. Some of these are simpler to deal with than others.

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Especially since the dongle should be able to work out of the box and pair with any official PS4 Controllers. However, this method does not work correctly for every PS4 controller, and you may have to end up utilizing a userspace controller driver called ds4drv to be able to interact with it.

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Please note that if you previously followed our guide on connecting a PS3 controller to your Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth, you will have to follow the next couple of steps. Otherwise, skip to step 2 of this section.

The reason for having to remove SIXAD is that it seems to conflict with the PlayStation 4 controllers and does not allow them to pair and function correctly. To uninstall the sixad package that we compiled and installed in our PS3 section we need to just run the following command on the Raspberry Pi. Now before we get to set up everything lets make sure our Raspberry Pi is entirely up to date by running the following two commands on it.

For this guide, we will be using the Bluetooth command line tool. With the bluetoothctl tool now up we need to run the following two commands in it, this we enable the agent and set the agent to the default.

How to Use PS3 Controller on Mac [Full Guide]

Now that we have enabled the agent we can finally start scanning for devices. Switching scan on is crucial as it will show up our controller when we tell it to start syncing. Hold these till the light on your controller starts flashing. You should see something like below appear on your command line, once you see this, make a note of the MAC address. While your controller is still flashing, type in the following command.

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This command makes a connection with your PS4 controller. Upon a successful connection, you should see the following appear in your command line. We can now proceed on to testing whether the controller is working. This package includes the applications we need to be able to test whether our controller is working correctly.

Next we need to configure the bluetooth software on the Pi to accept connections from the controller. Now re-connect your controller with the mini-USB cable. You will see a list of possible devices, including at least your SixAxis controller. You need to take note of the MAC address of the controller for the next step:.

How to use a PS3 controller on Mac OS X (Lion) · GitHub

Disconnect your controller, you should now be able to connect wirelessly. Now press the PS button, the lights on the front of the controller should flash for a couple of seconds then stop, leaving a single light on. If a new device has appeared here then congratulations, you have successfully paired your dongle and SixAxis controller.

This will persist across reboots, so from now on you can just connect by pressing the PS button on the controller. SixAxis and corresponding resource triangula. SixAxisResource to make this simpler to work with. The class uses asyncore to poll the evdev device, updating internal state within the object. It also allows you to register button handlers which will be called, handles centering, hot zones regions in the axis range which clamp to 1.